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Club Champions

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club has provided championship golf for the residents of the Niagara Peninsula since 1875. A men’s winner has been officially proclaimed since 1927 when Walter Reid was crowned. Mark Derbyshire and his father Al have dominated the men’s club championships at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club. Mark won a record 30 straight titles, while Al has claimed the award 17 times. Another Derbyshire, Vera (Al’s wife), has also visited the winner’s circle a number of times. Vera won the ladies’ club championship once in 1964 and then in the senior ranks posted 11 victories including 9 in a row.

2022Sam Walker
2021Sam Walker
2020Bruce DeLuca
2019David Dexter
2018Andy Berti
2017Ross Sanders
2016Luca D'Alessandro
2015Luca D'Alessandro
2014Isaac Hendriks
2013Daniel D'Alessandro
2012Jonathon Snook
2011Jonathon Snook
2010James Grigjanis-Meusel
2009Jonathon Snook
2008Jonathon Snook
2007Ricky Watson
2006Ricky Watson
2005Ricky Watson
2004Ricky Watson
2003Ricky Watson
2002Andy Mahood
2001Mike MacSween
2000Justin Pepe
1999Mike Wiebe
1998Mike Wiebe
1997Mike Wiebe
1996Mike Wiebe
1995Gary Thomson
1994Gary Thomson
1993Rob Reimer
1992Matt Sharer
1991Matt Sharer
1990Scott Bratton
1989Tyler Cratt
1988Brian Kocsis
1987Kevin Bridgman
1986Joe England
1985Joe England
1984Joe England
1983Gary England
1982Craig Fowler
1981Craig Fowler
1980Jay Fiocca
1979Gerry Graham
1978David Jones
1977David Edgar
1976Kay Jack
1975Paul Hickin
1974Mike Milthorpe
1973Mark Derbyshire
1972Mark Derbyshire
1971Art Trojan
1970Vic Istenko
1969Bill Huizer
1968Mike Smith
1967Steve McMillan
1966Mike Smith
1965Mike Smith
1964Harry Huizer
1963Wayne Cardiff
1962Graham Jack
1961Graham Jack
1960Graham Jack
1959Mike McNally
1958Mike McNally
1957Tom Maracle
1956Paul Wickham
1955Gary Morgan
1954Gary Morgan
1953Jack Brown
1952Doug McIntyre
1951Russell Brown
1950Peter Kuzmich
1949Jack Hallworth Jr.
1938Al Derbyshire
2022Keria Dexter
2021Ella Carrique
2020Ella Carrique
2017Sara Racic
2016Emira Mesihovic
2013Emily Snook
2012Emily Snook
2011Emily Snook
2010Emily Snook
2009Emily Snook
1999Corrin Wiebe
1998Becky Wiebe
1997Corrin Wiebe
1996Corrin Wiebe
1995Corrin Wiebe
1994Corrin Wiebe
1993Corrin Wiebe
1991Allison Larose
1990Lisa Simpson
1989Lisa Simpson
1988Lisa Simpson
1987Lisa Simpson
1986Lisa Simpson
1985Lisa Simpson
1984Terri-Lynn Paget
1983Terri-Lynn Paget
1980Kelly Page
1979Kelly Page
1977Sharon Whitaker
1976Sharon Whitaker
1975Wendy Rosevear
1974Wendy Rosevear
1973Wendy Rosevear
1972Wendy Rosevear
1971Wendy Rosevear
1970Nicky Bradford
1969Florence Hope
1968Florence Hope
1967Florence Hope
1966Florence Hope
1965Margie Darte
1963Marsha Howarth
1962Cathy Ansley
2022Ricky Watson
2021James Grigjanis-Meusel
2020James Grigjanis-Meusel
2019Joe Doria
2018Jim Panetta
2017Stephen Warboys
2016Mark Derbyshire
2015Jim Panetta
2014Mark Derbyshire
2013Mark Derbyshire
2012Alan Robb
2011Harry Huizer
2010Jonathon Snook
2009Mark Hicks Jr.
2008Rob Reimer
2007Mark Hicks Jr.
2006Mark Hicks Jr.
2005Mark Derbyshire
2004Mark Derbyshire
2003Mark Derbyshire
2002Mark Derbyshire
2001Mark Derbyshire
2000Mark Derbyshire
1999Mark Derbyshire
1998Mark Derbyshire
1997Mark Derbyshire
1996Mark Derbyshire
1995Mark Derbyshire
1994Mark Derbyshire
1993Mark Derbyshire
1992Mark Derbyshire
1991Mark Derbyshire
1990Mark Derbyshire
1989Mark Derbyshire
1988Mark Derbyshire
1987Mark Derbyshire
1986Mark Derbyshire
1985Mark Derbyshire
1984Mark Derbyshire
1983Mark Derbyshire
1982Mark Derbyshire
1981Mark Derbyshire
1980Mark Derbyshire
1979Mark Derbyshire
1978Mark Derbyshire
1977Mark Derbyshire
1976Mark Derbyshire
1975Al Derbyshire
1974Art Trojan
1973Wayne Whitmarsh
1972Al Derbyshire
1971Al Derbyshire
1970Doug Garrett
1969Bruce MacMillan
1968Bob Blatchley
1967Doug Garrett
1966John Milne
1965Al Derbyshire
1964Al Derbyshire
1963Al Derbyshire
1962Bruce MacMillan
1961Al Derbyshire
1960Doug Garrett
1959Al Derbyshire
1958Bruce MacMillan
1957Al Derbyshire
1956Al Derbyshire
1955Bruce MacMillan
1954Al Derbyshire
1953Al Derbyshire
1952Al Derbyshire
1951Al Derbyshire
1950Al Derbyshire
1949Al Derbyshire
1948Al Derbyshire
1947Earl Bishop
1946Al Derbyshire
1945Jim Laughton
1944Norm Doherty
1943Arnold Reid / Alex McKenzie
1942Arnold Reid
1941Jack Galway
1940Jack Galway
1939Jack Galway
1938Jack Galway
1937Jim Laughton
1936Earl Bishop
1935Earl Bishop
1934Earl Bishop
1933Harold Anderson
1932Bill Duckworth
1931Sam Prest Jr.
1930Sam Prest Jr.
1929Sam Prest Jr.
1928Maurice Field
1927Walter Reid
2022Louise Robitaille
2021Yolanda Henry
2020Yolanda Henry
2019Louise Robitaille
2018Louise Robitaille
2017Martha Cruikshank
2016Yolanda Henry
2015Martha Cruikshank
2014Martha Cruikshank
2013Martha Cruikshank
2012Martha Cruikshank
2011Martha Cruikshank
2010Lisa Simpson
2009Martha Cruikshank
2008Lisa Simpson
2007Martha Cruikshank
2006Lisa Allen
2005Bev lacelle
2004Bev lacelle
2003Bev lacelle
2002Lisa Allen
2001Florence Ermanson
2000Florence Ermanson
1999Florence Ermanson
1998Florence Ermanson
1997Florence Ermanson
1996Lisa Simpson
1995Florence Ermanson
1994Lisa Simpson
1993Florence Ermanson
1992Florence Ermanson
1991Florence Ermanson
1990Florence Ermanson
1989Florence Ermanson
1988Carol Bahnuk
1987Eileen Reynolds
1986Carol Bahnuk
1985Sylvia Taylor
1984Sylvia Taylor
1983Sylvia Taylor
1982Sylvia Taylor
1981Virginia Marshall
1980Sylvia Taylor
1979Kay Jack
1978Kay Jack
1977Vicki Hill
1976Kay Jack
1975Sylvia Taylor
1974Vicki Hill
1973Vicki Hill
1972Margie Dart
1971Vicki Hill
1970Vicki Hill
1969Margie Dart
1968Kay Jack
1967Kay Jack
1966Kay Jack
1965Kay Jack
1964Vera Derbyshire
1963Kay Jack
1962Hilda Doherty
1961Kay Jack
1960Florence Wickam
1959Florence Wickam
1958Hilda Doherty
1957Kay Jack
1956Kay Jack
1955Kay Jack
1954Kay Jack
1953Kay Jack
1952Florence Wickam
1951Colleen Carmichael
1950Hilda Doherty
1949Hilda Doherty
1948Hilda Doherty
1947Hilda Doherty
1946Marg Gallaway
1942Marg Gallaway
1941Marg Gallaway
1940Marg Gallaway
1939Marg Gallaway
1938Marg Cullen
1937Francis Andrews
1936Francis Andrews
1935Francis Andrews
1934Margaret Morgan
1933Gretchen Field
1932Francis Andrews
1931Margaret Davey
2022Jon Taylor
2021Jim Panetta
2020Jim McMacken
2019Stephen Warboys
2018Jim McMacken
2017Neil Cuthbertson
2016Paul Dickson
2015Mark Derbyshire
2014Jim Panetta
2013Neil Cuthbertson
2012Larry Larose
2011Mark Derbyshire
2010Neil Smith
2009Neil Cuthbertson
2008Neil Cuthbertson
2007Karl Keilhau
2006Ron Reimer
2005Bill Ellison
2004Doug Garrett
2003Doug Garrett
2002Bill Ellison
2001Doug Garrett
2000Doug Garrett
1999Bill Ellison
1998Doug Jaworski
1997Doug Garrett
1996Doug Garrett
1995Doug Garrett
1994Doug Garrett
1993Doug Garrett
1992Matt Sharer
1991Doug Garrett
1990Doug Garrett
1989Doug Garrett
1988Al Derbyshire
1987Al Derbyshire
1986Al Derbyshire
1985Al Derbyshire
1984Al Derbyshire
1983Al Derbyshire
1982George Campbell
1981Al Derbyshire
1980Al Derbyshire
1979Al Derbyshire
1978Al Derbyshire
1977Al Derbyshire
1976Al Derbyshire
1975Al Derbyshire
1974Al Derbyshire
1973Al Derbyshire
1972Sid Aloin
1971Earl Tufford
2022Martha Cruikshank
2021Louise Robitaille
2020Ginny Green
2019Yolanda Henry
2018Yolanda Henry
2017Yolanda Henry
2016Lisa Allen
2015Michele Darling
2014Michele Darling
2013Michele Darling
2012Yolanda Henry
2011Barabara Ahluwalia
2010Martha Cruikshank
2009Pauline Sullivan
2008Martha Cruikshank
2007Bev Lacelle
2006Bev Lacelle
2005Marie Ellison
2004Kati Reimer
2003Blanche Patterson
2002Blanche Patterson
2001Blanche Patterson
2000Blanche Patterson
1999Blanche Patterson
1998Barabara Ahluwalia
1997Barabara Ahluwalia
1996Carol Bahnuk
1995Blanche Patterson
1994Blanche Patterson
1993Blanche Patterson
1992Shirley Ponder
1991Marlene Edgar
1990Marlene Edgar
1989Vera Derbyshire
1988Betty Rodaro
1987Vera Derbyshire
1986Vera Derbyshire
1985Vera Derbyshire
1984Vera Derbyshire
1983Vera Derbyshire
1982Vera Derbyshire
1981Vera Derbyshire
1980Vera Derbyshire
1979Vera Derbyshire
1978Kay Jack
1977Kay Jack
1976Kay Jack
1975Kay Jack
1974Kay Jack
1973Vera Derbyshire
1972Helen Campbell