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July 16th, 2018

Hole 1 – Closest to the Line
Sponsored by Monica D'Andrea MaryKay Beauty Consultants
Brada Cochrane
Hole 2 – Longest Drive
Sponsored by Epp Farms
Mary Beccario
Hole 3 – Longest Putt Made
Sponsored by Lincoln Interiors
Carol OrioldMain_Logo_252x138
Hole 4 – Closest to the Pin
Sponsored by Simpsons Pharmacy
Robin Ridesic
Hole 5 - Longest Putt
Sponsored by Sally Miller Properties
Angela Redekoppsallymiller_logo1
Hole 6 – Closest to the Barrel
Sponsored by Paddle Niagara
Merle Fenwick
Hole 7 – Closest to the Pin in 3 shots
Sponsored by Ellen Smith Scarlet Tunic Bed & Breakfast
Sarah Edwards
Hole 8 – Longest Drive
Sponsored by Reif Estate Winery
Christine Merzareif-logo-cmyk
Hole 9 – Closest to the Pin in 2 shots
Sponsored by James O'Connor Royal Lepage
Lenore KlassenJames & Kevan O'Connor logo
Low Score Sponsored by Irish Design43 Heather Buchanan
Low Net Sponsored by Perry Quinn Royal LepageNet 28 Simone Dubois
50/50 Draw$100 Chris Merza
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July 17th, 2018

Low Gross38 Jim Panetta
Low Net27 Tim Sullivan
Closest to the Pin #4Gerry Shelly
Hidden Hole #6Dave Gagne
50/50$59 Doug Garrett

July 19th, 2018

CTP #2Rob Haylor
CTP #4Sean Simpson
CTP #7Larry Street
CTP# 9Kevin MacLean
Long Drive #8Don Allen
SKINS-GROSS$15 - #1&#4 Brodie Townley, #6 Nino Ferrantelli, #7 Larry Street, #8 Billy Warren
SKINS-NET$70 - #5 Gerry Shelly (5pts), #8 Billy Warren
Low Gross34 Brodie Townlie
A FLIGHT24pts - Billy Warren
B FLIGHT25pts - Martin Vagners
50/50 Draw$140 - Billy Warren (6975363)

July 13th, 2018

David and Donna

Individual Winners
CTP Men #4Cal Cochrane
CTP Women #4Margot Richardson
Longest Putt Men #8Ken Burr
Longest Putt Women #8Cathy Murray
Team Winners
First Place34 Nick and Sally Miller, Glen and Cathy Murray
Second Place35 John Reynolds and Linda Williams, Jim and Janice McMacken
Third Place35 Dow and Judy Wright, Ron Newman and Bonnie Lamourie
Most Honest TeamRoss Smith and Bonnie Kinal, Larry and Judy Mantle
Also a Very Honest TeamRandy and Lorraine Busbridge, Bob and Elaine Lavery